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“The best adventure is the one that chooses you.”

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After nearly 20 years of jet-setting to exotic international destinations at all ends of the globe, our Founder, CEO and lead explorer thought he had seen it all, done it all and bought the T-Shirt for good measure.

It wasn’t until one fateful trip the Pacific Coast that he discovered a land so rich with adventure and mesmerizing sites, he simply couldn’t imagine continuing his explorations anywhere else.

From that moment on, he vowed to not only continue diving deeper into the hidden intricacies of Baja, California, but to hit the trails on his own Can-Am UTV on a daily basis, giving him the freedom to reach sites that others had only dreamed about.

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Today, Bucket List Baja is on a mission to give bold explorers from all walks of life the ability to experience the world’s most diverse paradise with a hands-on approach that goes beyond traditional tourism, putting you in the driver’s seat of your own off-roading adventure and setting your inhibitions free like never before.

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